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Why have a solar carport when I can fit solar panels on my roof?

Solar carports are a great complement to a rooftop solar installation, but also have some further advantages;

  • A solar carport installation clearly demonstrates your commitment to ESG and Net Zero goals, and can enhance your brand, especially when installed in prominent locations.
  • They make good use of previously wasted space and provide protection  for staff or customer vehicles, keeping them cool in warm weather.

How much does a solar carport cost?

Each solar carport installation is bespoke, and therefore the cost will vary depending on what you choose. 

However, ballpark figures are roughly as follows (excluding EV charging):

Milasol/Valasol: Approx £9k per space.

Stilosol/Stilosol Plus: Approx £10k per space

Gradasol/Gradasol Max: Approx £12k per space.

What return on investment can I expect from a carport?

The return on investment on each solar carport installation is subject to its output and how the electricity it produces is consumed.

If you choose to install EV chargers to sell the electricity generated, the  return on investment will likely be much higher than if you plan to consume the electricity yourself or export back to the grid.

Payback times can be anything between 8 and 15 years, with the average payback taking 12.8 years.

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