Solspan® solar carports

We design our Solspan® solar carports to optimise outdoor sace, meet Net Zero targets and generate clean energy. Our solar powered carports provide staff, patients and customers with a safe, covered, attractive outdoor space to park their vehicles.

Managing the whole project from initial design to final installation and commissioning, we look after every aspect, giving you complete peace of mind.

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Our Range of Solar Carports

With options for EV charging, battery storage or grid connection, we can create a solar carport that meets your organisation's needs and requirements. 

All solar powered carport designs can be single or double-sided depending on your requirements. Solar carport design options include a choice of roof types, lighting and EV charging infrastructure.

We offer two ranges, depending on the scale of your project;

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Large commercial solar carports

A range of heavy-duty commercial solar carports, suitable for car parks in excess of 20 spaces, and typically over 100 spaces. Steel cantilever designs, manufactured in Europe by Bluetop Solar Parking.

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Our most popular design, the Gradasol™ solar carport comes either as a single-span or gull-wing style design. Concealed cables and drainage create an elegant silhouette.

Prices start at £12k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Gradasol Max (cropped)

Gradasol Max™

An elegant gull-wing style carport designed for large spans and large carparks. All cables and drainage are concealed within the frame for a minimalist appearance.

Prices start at £12k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Stilosol (cropped)


A cost-efficient solar carport with extra bracing, Stilosol™ is designed to cover large areas cost-effectively. It is also available as a single span design.

Prices start at £10k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Stilosol Plus (cropped)

Stilosol Plus™

Our double post solar powered Stilosol Plus™ carport provides a cost-efficient large-span space, and is well-suited to central sections of carparks.

Prices start at £10k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Smaller commercial carports

A lighter-duty aluminium carport particularly suited for smaller commercial carport projects, with a flexible design making it suitable for carparks as small as two spaces.

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Suitable for large or small car parks, the Valasol™'s aluminium design is available in standard or cantilever configurations, and can be surface mounted if traditional foundations are not possible.

Prices start at £9k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Milasol - Image 10


The modular design of the Milasol™ allows your carport to be expanded as you require. It is particularly suitable for small car parks.

Prices start at £9k per space. Incl. groundworks, frame, solar panels & electrical connections.

Full project management

Customers can rest easy in the knowledge they'll get the full end-to-end service, from design and structural work to final installation and commissioning, providing them with a long-lasting solution that will continue to meet their needs in the future.

We are proud to bring our attention to detail, quality and exceptional customer service to clients across to the country in the commercial, education, healthcare and public sectors. Our solar carport projects are delivered on time, completed to the highest standards and with minimal disruption. 

Enquire today to enjoy all the benefits of a Solspan® carport solution, providing a year-round sustainable energy at scale.

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Benefits of our solar carports

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Cut Carbon Emissions with Renewable Energy

Make use of your solar car parks to generate emission-free electricity to reduce your corporate carbon footprint, and make big steps towards your ESG and Net Zero goals.

Electricity generated onsite helps to offset rising energy costs, protecting the bottom line and delivering ongoing cost savings each year.

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European Designed & Sourced Materials

We prefer to use European suppliers for solar panels and components due to the proven high qualitiy and robustness of their products.

There is also the advantage of lower transport emissions than importing from the Far East.

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Customised To Your Needs

Choose a solar powered carport entirely customised to your needs - your roof type, incorporate lighting, EV charge points, or company colours as desired.

The solar panels work in the same way as a traditional rooftop solar installation, with a connection to your existing electricity supply, backup battery storage, or connection to the grid (depending on DNO approval).

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Solar Panels & EV Charging to Generate Additional Revenue

Installing EV charging points underneath our Solspan® solar carports gives you the opportunity to sell the electricity to the public and generate additional revenue. Or, offer EV charging as a benefit to staff.

What our customers say

'They were polite and professional and their products are high quality - we're very happy with the end result.'

Project Manager - Skanska UK

Sectors we work with to provide commercial solar carports

Manufacturing, Retail & Commercial

A solar carport will generate renewable energy onsite to help offset your electricity costs and reduce your overheads.

Or provide customers and staff with a safe and dry place to park their vehicles while they shop, work or relax.

Public Sector

Install a solar carport to maximise your outdoor space, reduce your corporate carbon footprint and effectively meet your organisation's crucial Net Zero goals.


Solspan® solar carports can be used to offset rising energy costs and deliver savings every year for dsitribution companies all over the UK.

In addition, installing EV charging points along with the carport offers an additional revenue stream and may help to increase customer dwell time.

Transport & EV Charging Infrastructure

Generate significant quantities of clean energy to charge EV vehicles on-the-go at service stations and petrol stations, and boost profits.

Add a Solspan® solar carport to your car park

If you'd like to learn more about our Solspan® range, download our brochure today.

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Solar Carports ROI

Are you considering a solar carport but not sure what the financial and environmental benefits could be?

Solar carports offer significant carbon and cost savings, shelter for vehicles and can provide energy for EV charging points.

Worked Example:

For two carports covering a total of 80 spaces (1000m² of solar panels):

CO2 Savings: 31 tonnes per year*

Cost Savings: £29,000 - £42,000 per year*

EV Vehicles charged per year: Approx 3,500*


*NB Outputs dependent on location, carport design and orientation. CO2 and cost savings may vary. EV vehicle number charged dependent on battery capacity of vehicle.


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What do Solspan® solar carports customers receive?

A comprehensive quote

You'll receive a quote and report demonstrating costs, expected outputs and ROI, as well as the estimated money and carbon emissions the carport will save you.

We'll also provide visualisations so you can see how it will look and present to colleagues and stakeholders.

Trusted expertise

Our experienced operatives and electrical contractors are highly-qualified, reliable and trusted.

They have completed hundreds of complex canopy installations across the country, and will seamlessly implement battery storage, EV chargin and grid connections ensuring your project is completed to the highest standard.

Complete project management

We want to make it easy for you. You'll work with a single ISO9001-accrediated company and point of contact throughout the entire project. 

And, we will complete all necessary groundwork, including EV charging installation if necessary, resurfacing and final cleanup.

Start generating returns on your outdoor space today

Get in touch with our team and explore your options. We'll conduct a full survey and provide a bespoke quote free of charge.

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Our solar carport installation process

At Kensington Systems, we offer end-to-end project management, with a single contact that will keep you informed throughout the whole solar carport installation process, giving you the opportunity to speak with someone directly if you have any queries.

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We carry out a full site survey before we provide a design and quote. The survey will include; electrical survey, geotechnical survey and ground scans, checking access to the site, and checking any restrictions that may impact installation of the solar carport

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We work with our engineers and groundworkers to put together a drawing pack, including solar carport output calculations, diagrams, drawings and visuals, so you can see what the final product will look like and how it will perform. We can make any adjustments based on customer feedback.

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Lead time from design to installation will be around 2-3 months. We will prepare the site, digging and pouring concrete for the foundation of the solar carport, EV charging points and trenches for electrics. This is followed by the installation of the solar carport, solar panels, inverters, batteries and EV charging points. Installation times will depend on the project size.

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Once the installation of the solar carport is complete, our experienced electricians will connect the solar panels and inverters to the main fuse box on the site. Everything will be set up and connected, ready for the solar carport to be used.

Can I charge EV's with solar panel carports?

Yes, the great thing about our solar panel carports is that the power generated from the panels can be used to charge EVs. The charging points can be installed under the carport.

How long does a solar carport take to install?

From the initial quote to completing and commissioning the installation, the lead time for a Solspan® solar carport can vary between three and five months.

The lead in time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project (larger projects will take longer to install). There are also factors outside our control, such as waiting for planning applications and permits from the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to be approved.

How much does it cost to install a solar carport for my business?

We can't give a definitive answer to this question, as every project is bespoke and every client has different requirements. Contact us for a cost estimate for your project. 

How will my business benefit from having solar carports?

Our solar carports can help you achieve your environmental goals, by doing this you will be generating renewable energy which can be used for electricity within your business or to provide EV charging for customers and staff.