Benefits of Solar Carports for Hospitals & Healthcare Settings

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Healthcare is a sector that continues to see growing demands for services, which also means a rise in the amount of electricity used. In fact, worldwide, healthcare is responsible for 5 - 8% of energy consumption. This huge percentage will continue to rise as the world's population continues to expand.

 With electricity being a vital resource for patient care, using less is not an option. Modern technologies used for treatment are seeing green advances, but not enough to make a vast difference in the amount of required electricity. This is one reason why healthcare providers of all types can benefit from installing a solar carpark with Solspan®.

Keep reading to learn what benefits these sustainable solutions can provide for healthcare settings, from care homes to large hospitals.

Why Are Solar Carports Ideal for Use in Healthcare Settings?

There are many benefits of using solar canopies that apply to solar carports. These freestanding structures combine vehicle protection with energy generation to provide healthcare settings with many advantages. These are as follows:

Manage Energy Costs

Solar carports also mean that existing spending on energy can be managed more effectively. By generating renewable energy onsite, healthcare providers can save significant amounts of money on energy bills. This provides some protection from high energy costs and frees up budget for other needs such as staff or equipment. In addition, installing solar panels in large arrays in easy-to-reach places reduces the cost of maintenance and help to increase output compared to a roof installation.

Reduce the Environmental Impact of Providing Healthcare

Solspan® solar carports not only offer significant potential energy savings, but enable the healthcare sector to reduce its impact on the environment. With the opportunity to save tens or hundreds of tonnes of CO2 every year, solar carports offer a straightforward way to demonstrate commitment to sustainability goals while also providing ROI in terms of cost savings. By making use of an existing resource (carparks) carports do not require any additional investment in land or other equipment.

Upgrade Parking Areas for Visitors

Solar carparks allow existing parking spaces to be upgraded, which benefits patients directly. By providing covered areas, vehicles are also protected at the same time. Furthermore, installing solar carports can also enable the installation of EV charging points for staff and visitors.

Increase Revenue

It’s well know there’s never enough money to fund the National Health Service, and even private healthcare providers are always looking for ways to generate extra income. Installing EV charging points alongside a solar carport allows healthcare sites to sell the electricity to EV owners, or offer EV charging as a benefit for staff. With over one million electric vehicles now on UK roads, the demand for on-the-go charging is only going to increase.

Why Choose Solspan® for Solar Carports?

Choosing a solar carport is a brilliant option if you are responsible for improving efficiency and reducing costs in a healthcare setting. As experts in creating sustainable solutions that fit spaces perfectly, we pride ourselves on looking after the whole process for you, from the initial design and consultation stage to groundworks, installation and electrical connections. You’ll have one company to deal with throughout the project, making a solar carport installation a straightforward and stress-free experience.