The Rise in Electric Cars - How Can EV Car Parks Benefit Your Staff

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As of February 2024, there were more than a million fully electric cars on the UK’s roads. Last year alone, some 315,000 were registered, an increase of nearly a fifth (18%) on the number for 2022. 

And with new petrol and diesel motors banned from sale in the UK from 2035, there’s no sign of battery-model uptake relenting. Yet, last autumn, consumer group Which? published research showing that three-quarters of the UK’s EV owners were unhappy with the country’s public charging arrangements. Problems encountered ranged from non-working facilities to issues making payments.

Equally, as Which? told journalists, many drivers struggle to locate dependable charging points that work properly. Others don’t have working facilities near home where they can power up ahead of a long journey. 

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The benefits of EV charging carports in workplaces

If you make the most of the opportunities available for EV charging now, you can look forward to reaping a number of rewards, including: 

1.)    Positive Brand Image

You will be positioning yourself as a forward-thinking, pioneering business with a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility, one that is properly prepared for the future. 

2.)    A Great First Impression for Visitors

Anyone visiting your site who has decided to make the switch to an electric vehicle, including customers, prospective investors and others, will be delighted if they can charge up at your premises. 

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3.)    Better Staff Retention 

Clearly, in the current climate everyone wants to save money. Staff who can benefit from no-cost or subsidised car charging will be more productive, morale will be boosted and people will feel more motivated when coming into work. So you can expect loyalty and for employees to stay with you for longer. Plus EV charging is  a great addition to your employee benefits package. 
Not only that, but it will be add significant appeal when it comes to attracting new staff to work for you. 

4.)    Greater Convenience 

Apart from anything else, on-site charging is highly convenient, especially for employees who don’t have access to home-based charging solutions and otherwise depend on the public network. Workplace facilities decrease what’s known as ‘range anxiety’ (i.e. the worry of not knowing how long a car will go before needing charging again). 

5.)    Reduce Employee Carbon Footprint 

With the installation of electric-car charging, you reduce your employees’ carbon footprints while providing tangible evidence of your company’s green initiatives.

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6.)    Financial Incentives

If your business has an electric fleet, you won’t pay road tax on these vehicles, and, as mentioned, you’ll lower your carbon emissions. Equally, you won’t have to use potentially costly public charging systems. Additionally, you can make money by billing visitors to power up their vehicles at your premises, and perhaps also staff members, possibly at a subsidised rate. You could also get on a relevant app and make money as a public facility for EV drivers who are passing and need to charge up. (This further raises awareness of your brand.) 

7.)    Grant Applications 

The government’s Workplace Charging Scheme gives eligible organisations grants worth up to £350 per socket for up to 40 sockets. Meanwhile, it’s also worth the EV Infrastructure Grant for Staff and Fleets, under which up to a further £15,000 could be available to you. 

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