The Benefits of Solar Carports for the Public Sector

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The Benefits of Solar Carports for the Public Sector

With the UK public sector spending hitting a staggering £1189 billion by April 2024 – around  45% of GDP – and increased pressure on available resources, it seems there is never enough money to spend on public services including the NHS, schools and prisons. In addition, the government has set the public sector ambitious environmental goals, including reducing direct emissions from public sector buildings by 50% by 2032, and by 75% by 2037.

To meet these goals, capital investment in areas such as renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency will be required. The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme already offers grants to help public sector bodies to decarbonise their estates; the current round, Phase 4, will prioritise projects delivering the highest direct carbon emission reduction per pound spent to provide best value for money. 

Solspan®'s solar carports allow public sector bodies make use of their car parks to generate large quantities of renewable energy. Averaging around 12 sqm of solar panels per space covered, installing a carport over just 50 spaces would avoid carbon emissions of up to 18 tonnes and save up to £33,000 in operating costs per year*.

*estimates only - carbon reduction and cost savings may vary

How Can Solar Carparks Benefit the Public Sector?

Reduce Energy Costs

One of the most significant benefits of solar carparks for the public sector is their potential to reduce energy costs. By utilising renewable solar energy, organisations can significantly lower their dependence on traditional energy sources and protect themselves from fluctuating electricity costs. 

As renewable energy technology continues to improve, solar carports are becoming an increasingly attractive option for public sector organisations like councils, leisure centres, schools and hospitals looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs. 

Solar carports can also generate extra revenue, by installing EV chargers alongside and selling electricity to the public. 

Meet Sustainability Goals

Solar carparks can help public sector organisations meet their ambitious sustainability and Net Zero goals, and demonstrate their commitment to caring for the environment. Installing carports with large arrays of solar panels can be far more efficient than a rooftop installation, which may be limited by the location of services or the orientation of the roof.
Public sector organisations have an additional responsibility to set an example to the private sector, with concrete actions and actual performance of their goals, not just statements. Solar carports are a highly visible demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to cutting your carbon footprint, and can often attract positive publicity in local and even national news.

Cater for EV Vehicles

The reliance on electric cars is rising. By the end of January 2024, the number of electric vehicles total stood at more than 1 million in the UK. Offering enough electric charging points is quickly becoming essential for public and private companies.
Installing EV charging points alongside a solar carport also represents a significant revenue opportunity, allowing the electricity generated by the carport to be sold to EV owners at a profit.

EV Charging points can also help to increase footfall and dwell time in places like leisure centres, indirectly leading to increased revenue.

Why Choose Kensington Systems for Public Sector Solar Carports?

At Solspan®, we specialise in creating efficient solar carports for public spaces. Our team offers end-to-end project management, providing a straightforward, seamless process for clients. We can also support the planning phases as part of our service.

With funding options include the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and lease finance available, installing a solar carport is an easy step to decrease carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.